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DFW Technology CEO Charlie W. Chen has announced that we did record high revenue and profit in year of 2022 for our IT and Telecom technical services. He expressed the appreciation to our employees and long-term customers, especially as the world just recovered from the pandemic.

Since 1994, regardless of business climates for nearly 30 years, DFW Technology has established the tradition of recognizing top performance employees, such as Shooting Stars, Employee of Year, Employee/Agent of Month, and sharing performance bonus as well as instant incentives to outstanding employees. As a small technical service company, we have delivered multi-millions of dollars in such extra recognitions under Company’s unique 20/20 Vision. And we also made multi-million dollars as charity contribution to various charity and non-profit organizations along with the past years. Congratulations!

Pauline and Charlie Chen of DFW Technology were invited to attend the ceremony at US Congress Science and Technology Committee, to honor its retiring Chairwoman Eddie Bernice Johnson on November 2022 in DC. Congresswoman Johnson is the first woman to chair the important Committee, which overseas US National Science Foundation and NASA as well. She is honored to have her portrait hanging in the Committee Hall. As long family friends for 30 years, Pauline and Charlie are very proud of her contributions and achievements in life.

DFW Technology’s long-term CFO, Pauline W. Chen, was recognized by the Global Federation of Chinese Business Women’s 9th Hua-Kuang Award (華冠獎)at the 2022 annual assembly held in Taipei, Taiwan on October 12, 2022. Ten women are selected every two years from all countries by a committee comprised of government officials and industry leaders to recognized their business and social achievements. Pauline was one of the three women from USA to receive this prestige recognition. The award is considered as the highest achievement for a businesswoman, evaluated by the factors of business, society, family, and personal achievements and contributions.

The event was held at the famous Grand Hotel in Taipei, and attended by the Taiwan President Tsai, Vice President Lai, along with ministers as well as thousands of Chinese business people all over the world.

Pauline is married to Charlie, DFW Technology CEO, for over 40 years and has been behind Charlie’s every life endeavors. She also leads in many business and social associations. She is particularly famous for her kindness and compassion to people around her. They have raised three outstanding adult children who are excelling in their own careers.

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