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DFW Technology becomes a Managed ICT Services Provider!

News Release

For over 20 years, DFW has been focusing on various IT services and support. As IT and Telecommunication industries integrated and intertwined together, customers have asked for more comprehensive solutions and services in both areas. IT becomes ICT is a reality; data, voice and video are all integral part of information that we’re dealing with today. DFW Technology, after several years’ business preparation and re-alliance with vendors and resources, is happy to announce that we began to provide IT and Telecom services and support. We have established a new BU and team in our organization to focus on Telecom industry, and all our IT and Telecom service operations will continue enjoying the common facilities and support centers we have established well for years.

Along with this announcement, we have signed a service agreement with a Canadian internet provider, Last Mile Wireless, to support their telecom infrastructure systems in Ontario, Canada. More agreements are on the table to be finalized.

In 2019, DFW will celebrate its 25th anniversary in business. Our CEO Charlie said: At beginning of our 2nd 25 years, it’s significant with this announcement that our team has determined to continue thriving with technologies and innovations, along with ICT as backbone platform, we are positioning DFW as a significant service resource in the future development such as Internet, Cloud Computing, Big Data, IoT, AI, and Smart Home/Office/City/World.

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